Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strawberry Kiwi

The vending machine at our school has a drink in it called Strawberry Kiwi, made by Dole. It is probably the most popular drink in the vending machine. It is very delicious and many of the students enjoy it. I think they should put more then just one row because it becomes sold out so fast. It is always the first drink sold out, then some others are barely ever purchased. More people would buy drinks if they had more delicious drinks like strawberry kiwi.

Strawberry Kiwi is not only delicious. It is made with real fruit, and provides you with 125% of your daily value of vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents cancer and other harmful germs. Strawberry is such a refreshing drink to have if you’re hot after recess or gym class. Who wouldn’t enjoy this cancer preventing, refreshing, drink?

I have always enjoyed this delicious drink, and anyone who hasn't tried it, needs to go buy one right now.

In conclusion, Dole makes many other fruit drinks that are healthy and taste great. In my opinion, even if none of them are as good as strawberry kiwi, they should include other juices in the vending machine.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


At the beginning of October, I published my first blog post. It was a write up I did about poverty. Ever since October, I have written up different blogs for LA. It is a weekly assignment, and we have one class to work on it before its homework. I’ve had different opinions on blogs since October.

My first couple blog posts I got marks that I didn’t like. I think for the first 5 or 6 posts, I got the exact same mark. However, I thought blogs were fun because I could say how I felt about a certain topic. I think that blogs were good for showing me how working harder improves my grade. I liked to see that when I worked hard it pays off.

Recently I haven’t thought of any good things to write about, so I don’t do very much in class. That leads to homework or getting a zero. Even though I don’t like blogs anymore, I think they are a good idea for teachers to do. They make students practice writing proper paragraphs, and I think they make starting essays easier. Blogs are supposed to be 2-3 paragraphs, and essays are supposed to be 5. It isn’t a big difference in length, and what you write about is the same.

After half a year of writing blogs, I think I will be prepared for high school essays, and writing assignments in general. Blogs have been a good use of class time, and they have taught me a lot. I hope that teachers still use blogs for grade 8 students, instead of one speech, or one essay a year.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Middle School Track and Field Day

This Friday is the annual Middle School's Track and Field Day. Everyone in middle school goes to a different school to do track and field events. It is a friendly competition that people are strongly encouraged to try. However, there are different opinions if we should have this day, and whether people want to go or not.

I've been to 2 track and field days before the one this Friday. If you come in the top 5 for an event, you get a ribbon. I think this is a great way to encourage people to get more active and try doing more sports. If we get interested in track and field events we could get more kids in shape instead of sitting on the couch watching t.v.

I never liked track and field very much. I've always rather played a sport with more then just running or jumping. Track and field has different events if someone is better at throwing or jumping instead of running, but they mainly focus on one thing. I would like track and field day more if they put in other sports too. It's called track and field day for a reason, but would it hurt to add some other sport in on the side too?

In other track and field days, we have divided at the end of the day into our houses to work together in a basic obstacle course. In grade 6 I didn't like it because I was slower then most of the grade 7's and 8's. It’s a good idea though, because the people who didn’t win in the individual events can win in their house.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

King Of Pop

There are certain famous artists that have made millions off their talents in music. Michael Jackson for dancing and singing. Madonna is known for entertaining and unique dancing. Many of these artists have been giving a certain title. For example, Michael Jackson is known as the King Of Pop. A new young artist, Justin Bieber, is calling himself the next King Of Pop. I think this is outrageous and completely ridiculous.

Michael Jackson is a famous and well-known being. He spent decades making music that everyone loved or at least respected. He had many issues with his image. He had very many plastic surgeries, changed his race, and he was accused of bad things. However, when he died recently, he was well missed and respected.

Justin Bieber has been popular for less than a year. He was discovered on youtube. He is well loved by teenage girls. What about everyone else? Adults don't find his music appealing and neither do guys. He has some hits that lasted a few weeks. "One Time" was the top song for a few weeks. What about Michael Jackson though? He's had millions of records sold, and many of his hit songs lasted longer then any of Justin’s. Michael Jackson is a legendary icon that everyone knows. Justin Bieber is only 16! How can he be calling himself the King Of Pop? He has no experience being a musician.

The King Of Pop is a huge honor. Michael Jackson deserves it after a long successful career. I think it’s insulting to make a new teenage artist The King Of Pop after less then a year of being popular. Many people have to work really, really hard to get a tenth of how much Justin Bieber makes. Justin Bieber hasn’t even begun to compare to Michael Jackson. If he wants to become the King Of Pop, he has to make his career much more memorable and appeal to more then just teenage girls.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Rugby and track are completely different sports. I think everyone has an opinion on which one is "better", but I don't think that either one is "better" then the other. Most people that play sports prefer one over another. That's because all sports are different and they have different pros and cons.

Rugby is great for contact and teamwork. If you like hitting people (like Mike) then you would probably like rugby more then track and field. In rugby you have to work as a team to get the ball up the field. One guy usually can't deke through 15 other people. For track and field, however, track is entirely individual. Track is a lot different then rugby in almost everyway.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


During summer, I usually do everything outside. Swimming, basketball, campfires, and just enjoying the weather. When I lived in Georgia, I was upset because it would get so hot in the summer, that people didn't go outside. Not a lot of people had pools because it would be hard to keep the water cool enough to go swimming in!

Summer is a perfect time for traveling. Two months away from school leaves a lot of spare time. I sometimes travel, but even staying at home is amazing because there is so much to do. Every summer, I go to my cottage for 6 weeks. I love spending time swimming in the lake and fishing on the dock.

Summer is a great time to do anything. Everyone has the opportunity to do whatever they want for 2 months. I strongly agree that summer is an amazing time, and shouldn't be wasted inside.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Evensong is not something as simple as chair chapel. I used to think there was no point in evensong, and that we should get rid of it all together. I just thought of it as a complete waste of time, that no one liked it, and I never understood why it is a part of SJK.

I don’t like Evensong. It’s boring and repetitive. However, SJK is an Anglican school, so students and parents should expect some religious things. I don’t think that repeating things out of a book is something that students want to do. Mrs. Duldahardt said that some teachers use evensong as a church service. I completely understand and respect that, but should we be forced to participate? I’m not against the school having evensong, but for the people who aren’t religious, it doesn’t do anything for them.

There is much more to evensong then I used to think. I never liked evensong, but I wouldn’t take it out of SJK. It is something that SJK should keep as a tradition, but I think a lot more people wouldn’t hate it so much if they changed it to make it more suitable for this century.

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